Important Update

DERMISHO ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY WEBSITE CONTEST is now live, follow the link below to apply

Welcome on board 


The mark that differentiate a successful entrepreneural venture still making its way to stablishment from a failing business,  is so small you probably might have it confused. But with an eye of detailed clarity, it’s not so difficult to see. 
-Deniyi Shoremi

Welcome to Dermisho Enterprise, an entrepreneurial enterprise that focuses its strength towards building a strong generation of Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs whose point of expertise and focus will be hinged on agriculture and IT (specifically digital marketing and publicity advertisement).

To change the world, one must first redefine how he/she perceives the world. That’s why at Dermisho we stick to redefining existence, via various philanthropic and strategic events held all year round on both our offline and various online platform.

To support, collaborate, partner and inquire of this vision of Dermisho Enterprise, do check the Contact Us Section for our email address and phone number.


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